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  • Ensure that the vehicle is washed and interiors are cleaned before valuation.

  • Even for an experienced valuator a spic 'n span vehicle can do the trick. If your lucky, your vehicle can be valuated with an increased price.

  • Sell to person, who is reliable - Prefer original players.

  • It's best to sell your car to a registered player. Take commitments for ownership transfer, loan closures etc.

  • Never give your car to somebody for selling - Can be misused.

  • In such cases, your car can be used for unwanted practices. Be sure that you sell your car and not anybody else.

  • Never try to sell your car through phone, as commitment can change later.

  • A vehicle should be visually inspected. It's best to show your car and get a price for it.

  • Always ask how your vehicle was valuated for the price.

  • This is to understand what standards the valuator has used to come up with the vehicle price. This would in a certain way help you in understanding at what price you would have to buy your used car.

  • Always take one time payment while selling.

  • Commitment on payments in short amounts should not be accepted.

Why From Us

  • Each vehicle qualifies detailed Toyota quality standards.
  • Certification & warranty program for Toyota vehicles.
  • Accident free vehicles
  • Odometer Gurantee
  • Special Finance rates
  • Trouble-free handling of your transaction, document transfer.
  • Verified Documents & Seller credentials.

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